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都在音频社交列车上! 音频从来没有这么热过, 它已经成为我们日常生活的主要部分, as both the number of devices we listen on and the content itself has increased. 过去一年, COVID-19 has made people hungry for content and many are increasingly devouring audio.


– 数字 audio accounted for 11% of total media time per day for US adults in 2020 and will account for 11.2021年为7%,即每天1小时34分钟.
– In 2022, the average time spent listening should rise to 1 hour and 37 minutes per day.
– On average, weekly podcast audiences listen to eight podcasts or 5.1播客节目.

Much of today’s audio hype has been fueled by the recent rise of Clubhouse – a novel social networking app based on audio-only conversation. It recently clocked 10 million weekly active users and has been valued at a whopping $4 billion, despite being ‘invitation only’ and launched as an iPhone-only app last year.


Clubhouse allows creators to hold live audio-only discussions and engage with their listeners. 用户可以浏览走廊(换句话说, 他们的“动态消息”),并在应用程序上加入不同的“房间”. You can pop into any room of your choice and tune-in to the conversation.

我这周加入的一些房间包括“藤死”(Death of Vine), TikTok的崛起:短视频会继续存在吗?、“Clubhouse Masterclass Monetization”和“房地产经纪人” & 经纪人休息室,网络,和营销.” You can filter and explore a variety of rooms based on your interests including sports, 旅行, 健康, 科技, 房地产, 市场营销, 育儿, 娱乐, 和更多的.

如果你愿意在讨论期间发言, you can tap the ‘raise your hand’ button to be added to the room’s Raise Hand queue. If a host or moderator approves your request, you’ll immediately join the stage.

Many users have flocked to the clubhouse app for the chance to engage with high-profile individuals. 知名用户包括特斯拉CEO埃隆·马斯克, 微软联合创始人比尔·盖茨, and 脸谱网 CEO Mark Zuckerberg along with non-科技ies including Oprah Winfrey, 汤姆。汉克斯, 说唱歌手德雷克.


Clubhouse’s explosive rise has left other social media competitors racing to launch their own audio products. 脸谱网, 推特, LinkedIn, Spotify, Reddit, 不和, Telegram and Slack have all recently followed in Clubhouse’s footsteps by debuting plans for their own live audio services.

While many platforms are launching their own versions of Clubhouse, 脸谱网在社交媒体中的主导地位, 拥有数十亿的现有用户, 意味着它处于有利地位,很可能占据主导地位. 脸谱网 宣布 that they will soon launch a full spectrum of audio experience tools including:



简短的回答是:视情况而定. Clubhouse offers some major awareness and community-building benefits to brands. 但, 因为它太新了, it also poses some challenges and cons to companies that want to reach the largest audiences possible. 最终, 而有些公司可能会靠它茁壮成长, others might realize that it isn’t the best platform for their goals just yet.

和任何新的社交媒体平台一样, you’ll want to spend some time on Clubhouse and see what the app has to offer before putting time and effort into using it. Here is a rundown of some of the main pros/cons to help you decide whether it’s worth your time:


– Clubhouse gives users the opportunity to build an engaged community of people who are passionate about similar topics.
– The app is great for business networking and the potential to chat with other influential leaders, 企业家, 或高调的名人.
– Rooms can give you the stage to pitch a business idea, gather feedback, conduct a Q&A,或学习更多关于一个特定的主题.
- Clubhouse上的直播音频是简单和免费的. 你只需要一个麦克风和说话的东西!
– You can connect your 推特 and Instagram profiles in your bio to give readers a quick way to connect with you on other platforms.
– If you have anxiety about being on camera, you’ll love that Clubhouse is an only-audio app.
- Clubhouse提供无广告体验. For users, this can be a favorable feature but could change as the app grows.


-因为房间是现场直播和无脚本的, you won’t necessarily get the same high-quality production as you would listening to an edited podcast.
俱乐部会所不提供虚荣指标(喜欢, 评论, 视图), 因此很难衡量其有效性.
-这款应用的用户仍然非常有限. 去年还在测试阶段, Clubhouse目前只接受iOS用户的邀请. Clubhouse finally launched the Android app this week in the Play Store. 这是否有助于提高应用的覆盖面将是一件有趣的事情.
-任何用户都可以创建一个房间,谈论他们想说的任何事情, 在这个主题上没有任何经过验证的专业知识. 这可能会造成信任的缺失和错误信息的传播.
– If you do want to connect with someone outside of a Clubhouse room, you cannot DM them on the app. You must DM them either through email or through another social media app.
– Rooms are live and cannot be recorded or saved to listen to later. 人们总是忙个不停, this can pose a challenge for users wanting to listen to a discussion when it’s more convenient for them.
-控制房间是很有挑战性的. Users have been vocal about reporting certain rooms as breeding grounds for harassment and unchecked 虽然ts and opinions. For brands, this lack of moderation control can be a major turn-off.
– It can be time-consuming to cut through the noise and find valuable rooms or people who you enjoy listening to. 因为这个应用程序现在是独家的, your favorite blogger or influencer that you follow on Instagram may not be on Clubhouse yet.


The audio revolution is in full swing and not turning down the volume anytime soon! It’s important for marketers to take note and begin learning how to use audio to their advantage.

Whether Clubhouse will be able to maintain its popularity past the beta phase, 虽然, is something which remains to be seen – and something we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

If you would like to learn more about how your business can expand its influence through social audio or podcasting, 竞博JBO官网app下载的团队 今天开始!



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